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Slimming 24/7

Slimming and dietry needs all catered for online. Whether you are looking for an anti-aging solution, a sport and exercise supplement or something to aid weightloss, Slimming 24/7 caters across the board.

Slimming 24/7
Slimming 24/7 is a slimming and dietry supplement site aimed at everyone from sport and nutrition fans to those of us looking to lose a little bit of weight or battle the signs of aging. This site was created on behalf of Newcastle-based online marketing agency, Silverbean
The sites hosts a range of products where it was important for the user to be able to quickly and easily find out all of the necessary information about an item before putting it in the basket. Using bold colours, strong lines and standout buttons and call to actions the design has a solid impact on any visitor to the site.
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"Inovica are fast , efficient and we would highly recommend them to any company who are looking to expand their business via internet sales"
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