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HoopStore sells basketball clothing and equipment online through affiliate networks rather than the client stocking and shipping the goods. This has proven a successful business model for a number of our clients.

HoopStore was set up by a client who had a fanatical interest in basketball and wanted to look at a way to make a little bit of money out of something that genuinely interested them. The only issue being that they didn\'t have the space or time to deal with ordering, packaging and delivering the goods.
After talking to Inovica it was decided that affiliate marketing might prove to be a good approach in this instance. Through affiliate marketing the client was able to list hundreds of basketball items online, each with a link directly through to the supplier. Everything the site generated a sale, HoopStore made a commission on the sale.
The Inovica ecommerce system was already set up to accept affiliate linking methods so HoopStore could be set up very quickly and begin trading almost instantly.
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"Inovica are fast , efficient and we would highly recommend them to any company who are looking to expand their business via internet sales"
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