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Vinichi came to Inovica to create a set of focused Jewellery websites in order to add an online sparkle to their business. Inovica responded with a series of niche sites that target Vinichis central brands.

Jewellery is a tough market, both online and off, so all jewellery companies have to understand the ins and outs of the challenges that face them in order to plan and work to overcome those challenges.
When Vinichi first approached us they were looking for a single site to promote a range of jewellery brands, however after our initial consultation and discussions about how to approach the market, we came up with a new plan of action for the business. 
The plan was for Vinichi to have a main website, followed by a selection of mini, or satellite sites that would focus solely on each individual brand. The reason for this approach was all to do with search engines, and the promotion of the sites online. By having these smaller, more targeted sites, Vinichi would be able to directly target the individual markets for the specific brands that they offer, rather than targeting the larger jewellery market has a whole.
Included in the Vinichi empire are websites for Ice Watches, Giorgio Martello Charms and the Amore & Baci product range.  Together with the main sales site that includes all of the brands, Vinichi not only get a chance to have a second bite at the cherry, but they get the opportunity to really work to make their niche keywords work for them in the search engines. 

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