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Wednesday 05th January 2011 Attract Customers and Increase Sales With Great Customer Support

With the current state of e-commerce stores, customer service is an easy way to distinguish yourself from your competition. Great customer support will increase your sales by resolving any issues your customers have. It will also attract new customers due to satisfied customers promoting your business for you.
Dealing with customers one-to-one isn't the most appealing concept for any store manager. It is easy to avoid them and hide behind your website. This will leave customers feeling ignored, cold, and (most importantly) less likely to continue purchasing from your store. With your competitors' stores being just one click away, and with social media's ability to turn one dissatisfied customer into a PR disaster, great customer service is more important than ever. 
What Do Customers Want?
What customers really want is for you to care. They want to feel like you are genuinely concerned that they are satisfied with their experience shopping at your store. If you can provide this, you will create repeat customers who will recommend your store to others.
There are many ways to improve your e-commerce store's customer service:
Prompt Replies
This could mean employing a customer service representative, who will be able to quickly reply to any customer queries. Another approach is to have a dedicated telephone line. This allows customers to call you at their own convenience should they have query or run into a problem.
If you respond using e-mail, is important to have a help desk so that all queries are dealt with as efficiently as possible. While in an ideal world instantaneous response is best, pragmatically that isn't always possible. Having a help desk is the next best thing.
Proactive Customer Service
Rather than wait for customers to come to you with their problems, you could be the one to initiate contact. Customers can appreciate this level of service when it is done right. For example, if a customer abandons an order before completion, you can contact them offer further assistance should they want it. It shows that you care and might also create an extra sale.
Offering customers many opportunities to give feedback is also a great way to be proactive about customer service. It can highlight problems that you didn't realize existed, allowing you to increase both your customers' satisfaction and your sales. This can be done through social media like Twitter and Facebook.
An Extensive, Easy-To-Use FAQ Page
Not all customers are willing to contact a customer service rep, and this can mean the loss of a sale. A frequently asked questions page can provide answers to common queries without any need to contact your company. On top of that, it will save time for both yourself and your customers.
Show Your Human Side
Online profiles of everyone in your company with pictures gives your website a more friendly feel. This can be particularly effective with customer service representatives. If they send an e-mail, you could include a picture in their signature. These small personal touches can make a big difference.
You could also add a blog to your store. A blog can be like the public face of your store. It allows customers "to get to know" your store, building trust and removing doubt, and thereby encouraging a sale.

Posted on January 05th 2011 on 05:25pm

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